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The Software Projects specializes in building virtual instruments for avionic test equipment.

During the years the company specialized itself in many different standard and sectors: Automotive, Automation and Virtual Instruments. During the last two years a new capabilities was added to the several capabilities of the company. The new one is the Avionic sector. The new activity aims to develop ad-hoc software to test the avionic systems using special avionic equipment. The Software Project learns in these two years to do this, applying its knowledge acquiring in the other sector. In this sector we are, like the other sector, able to customize every need our customer have, help them to aim its achieve and target.

Whom are us?

We are a group of skilled technicians which are coming from different experiences and which have been chose to join our self in this collaboration to be able to give to our customers a complete technological solution, with the advantage of having a unique partner.

The experience we have done on many different sectors of the technological matter, allow us to be able to follow you in every aspect of your needs from the issues of the business software to the industrial solution.
The huge professional and the huge courtesy distinguish us from the competitors.
We will help you to find the best solution to your issues, following you on the right choice to do to be able to achieve the best results we have to reach in the less time possible. To do that we'll fix with you the target to reach, studying the work to do step by step and optimizing the project with your time and with your leads.
The optimization of the project and of the training of your employee will allow you to be involved into the project from the beginning of it, letting you to know every aspect of it.
Your needs will be at the center of the project.

The technique

The technique we have developed allows you to amortize the cost of developing quickly and to have a less cost for the training of your employees on using the tools we have developed; this is because the system will be sew up like a suit around your needs. The simple and efficient software is our mission.

We lead you on the right choices, developing with you the best system we can develop and involving you on the projecting of every detail of it, this allows you to get a solution which is familiar for you before its birth.

You will decide which level of detail you want to achieve.


Virtual Instruments
This service is thought for the research laboratories whom we offer our experience, helping them to choice the right instruments to do the measures, developing for them the software to control these instruments or every instrument they need to control remotely.
We deal on realizing the software for the data acquisition, develop the software to analyse the data which were acquired, develop the software which helps the operator to do the report of the test which have been done. We also deal on helping our customer to choice the right hardware they need to perform the test on the device they need to test.

Remote panel controls
This service is for who is still controlling his instruments manually and wants a system which can help his operators to control, automatize and check the instruments, which usually he has to control manually, remotely. With this tools our customer will be able to control synchronize and acquire data using a simple tool which has been developed following their needs and their indications. We deal of developing the tools which give to the operator the control of the instruments involved on the test remotely and we also deal of planning the automatic tests our customers need to perform the test which the device has to be involved.

Automation and system for testing
The huge experience we have reached in this matter lets us to offer a complete service to our customer, supplying complete systems for test and automation for every need our customer have to satisfy.

Web developing
But our experience doesn't stop just on developing software to control instruments and so on, we are also expert on developing professional web solutions to gives to yours company the right visibility on the world wild and to acquire new customer and businesses.

Office solutions
We also develop office solution which goes from the office automation to the customization of tool such as CAD and other professional software. We also are able to develop software ad-hoc which has to satisfy your needs.

We follow you on all the training you may need for your employees, taking them to become expert on make complex documents and on using every tool you want they to use.

Software Projects
via G. Puccini, 10
20020 Lainate, (MI)
e-mail: info@softwareprojects.it

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